Sanantha  -  Acrylic     12x12       ​SOLD

Rainier from White Pass

  Acrylic     12x16        

Koda  -  Acrylic     12x16        ​SOLD


Acrylic     11x14        


Robert Yocash 

Oil     16x20        ​


​Marilyn Affolter Fine Art Gallery,

Wortman Park Gallery

McMinnville, OR

​Sequoia Gallery Hillsboro, OR

Ziggy  -  Acrylic     11x14       ​SOLD

LANDSCAPES:  I paint the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and that of my trips to Belize.  I have always felt energy emanating from river and mountain landscapes. The geology and the animals  who dwell in rural settings give off a wonderful vibe.

Yakima Canyon

  Acrylic     12x24     

Palm Tree

  Acrylic     12x12        ​

Copyright 2017. Benita - Fine Artist . All Rights Reserved. 

Xena  -  Acrylic     12x16       

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Landscapes, people and PET portraits

The anatomy of life interests me especially the geology of the Northwest and

the way life alters faces.

Mt Rainier in Lake Tipsoo

 Acrylic     12x16        

​​PET PORTRAITSHave you ever looked at a dog or cat and their owner and delighted in the expressions they share?   I can  portray your beloved pet in oil or acrylic.


  Oil     16x20  


Yakima Crossing

Acrylic     12x24     

Pensive Man 

Acrylic     11x14       

PORTRAITS: Have you ever looked at an old man or an old woman and wondered what memories made this face, these lines? Let these faces tell you their stories.

Woofie  -  Acrylic     9x12        ​SOLD

Benita's Recent Paintings